African Jamaican Culture has the most appropriate name for their sound.

The sprit of island swims across their beats while radiating a laid back vibe. It was started by John and Joseph in the year 1998. Joseph coming from Jamaica and John coming from Africa.
John and Joseph met here in Germany. The African Jamaican Culture "Reggae Band"can be founded in the region of Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis Mosbach Germany.

We started to play Music together with traditional African Percussion instrument. And we called our Music "Spiritual Traditional Root Music". Four people joined us and we played Percussion for two years. The change to Root Reggae Music took place when a friend who attended our concert suggested to us to support the percussion instrument with the electric instrument to meet the demand of modern day Roots Reggae Music. In the year 2009 Joseph left for a solo carrier We re-arranged the band changing attitude and ways of administration.

Right on this homepage are quartet of tunes that are sure to make an impression on those seeking an escape to the another culture and world. "African Father" is a wonderful message put to song in a spoken word form; an example of true beauty in poetry. Bob Marley is the most popular artist associated with the Rasta culture, and African Jamaican Culture know it and take that into their ode to the man with the aptly titled, "Bob Marley." Rounding out the page is "Ras Tafar I pray for I" and "Holy mount Zion." Both put smiles on faces in an instant due to their positive vibes and beats.

Fans of the main man Bob Marley and his family Ziggy and Damian, along with those who love the sounds of Peter Tosh, will love what African Jamaican Culture has to offer on their homepage and many more places.

We have played alongside with other Musicians such as:-

Ras Dumisani and Afrikhaya "South Africa/Paris Zululand Root Reggae"
Katako "The Kongo Vibes"
SAFNAMA (Sons of the Sun) "Percussion from Senegal-Gambia"
Mazietele and Band "Les Soukouss-Stars du Kongo Skaliners "
David Lindner " from Germany"
Special Request Band "from Germany"
Charlie Cole and Friends "from Germany"
Gospel Singers DEDE Les Bantous "from Kongo"
with member from Irie Revolte "from Germany......

Band Members: Vocal | Percussion | Guitar | Bass | Drum-set | Keyboard